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Rebuilding the Asawa Fountain

In partnership with the City of Santa Rosa and the Hugh Futrell Corporation (HFC), the Santa Rosa Downtown District is in process to rebuild the Ruth Asawa Fountain on the south side of Old Courthouse Square. The DAO, the nonprofit board that oversees the District, is thrilled to bring this unifying piece back to the community during a time when we've been so distant from each other.

Asawa Fountain drawings.jpg

The Ruth Asawa Fountain

Originally installed in February of 1987, Ruth Asawa, acclaimed San Francisco sculptor, created the bas-relief concrete friezes depicting Sonoma County's history and its coastal wonders along-side community members and local school children from Burbank Elementary.

The panels adorned a fountain in Courthouse Square until they were removed during the reunification in 2017. The panels have been in an art storage facility since, awaiting their return to Downtown. 

To learn more about about Ruth Asawa, her life and her work, please visit


Rebuilding in 2021

The new fountain is being built to follow the design laid forth in the City of Santa Rosa's master plan for Courthouse Square.  The project is being driven forward by the staff of HFC, who have taken on the project management and general contracting responsibilities at no cost, and are coordinating all aspects of the fountain's construction. 

The City of Santa Rosa, which removed and stored the Asawa panels, has contracted to have the panels restored and reinstalled upon completion of the fountain.


First quarter 2021: Anticipated date to break ground
on fountain


October: Fundraising total reaches 100% thanks to the generosity of the community and the Rotary Clubs of Santa Rosa.

September: Pressure tests completed and fundraising total increases to 86%.

August: A $50,000 contribution from an anonymous Community Foundation donor brings fundraising total

to over 85%.

Civic Artwalk 2007 056.jpg

Thank You to our Generous Donors

Anonymous | Rotary Clubs of Santa Rosa

Donna M. Born | Exchange Bank

Janice Wilson | Joyce Libeu

SCI Office | TLCD Architecture​

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