When do tickets go on sale?

Rain or Shine?

What exactly is a “Synthetic Ice Rink”?

Can I change my ticket dates or get a refund?

How long is my skate session?

What is the age limit?

What time should I arrive?

Why do I have to arrive early?

Is there food on site?

Are there lockers?

Are spectators allowed?

How much do tickets cost?

How do I buy tickets?

How many people can be on the rink at one time?

When is the rink open?

Is the Rink ADA accessible?

Can I practice my fanciest skating moves?

What does it cost to rent skates?

What size skates do you have?

Can we bring our own skates?

Do I need socks?

Do we need helmets?

Do you have skate aids for children?

What COVID-19 safety precautions are you taking?

Are masks required?

Where do I park?

Is there security on site?

Who is running the Rink?

But wait, I have more questions!